Humiliating defeat in LS Polls may trigger another spell of rebellion in PDP

Srinagar, May 26: As the People’s democratic Party is still shell shocked following a humiliating defeat in all the three seats of Kashmir valley, the winds of yet another spell of rebellion have began blowing from north with many leaders wanting Party President Mehbooba Mufti to take a cue from Rahul Gandhi and Mumta Beneerji and step down for the sake of the party.
Sources said that voices have began raising against Mehbooba demanding that she must take responsibility of the failures and step aside if the party has to be saved from further dis-integration. Sources within the party said that a group of leaders might consider even parting ways, if Mehbooba fails to read the writing on the wall and pave way for someone else to lead the party.
”Enough is enough. We have reached a point where the party is at the verge of extinction. A little further wait would bury us forever, so someone has to take the responsibility and go home.’ a senior leader of PDP said, adding that if Party President was still not able to do-away with her ‘ arrogance’ , the time was not far when she would be left all alone.
Another senior leader of the party accused the former Chief Minister of resorting to ‘dictatorship’ and said the Lok Sabha results were an eye opener for the party President who herself lost miserably. He added that if she was still not willing to take the responsibility then she must be living in oblivion.
‘You have just two assembly segments in the entire Kashmir region where the party has secured lead. What does this indicate? This party is at the lowest ebb ever and our president seems to be least bothered. You can’t ruin the political carrier of a large number of colleagues. She must step aside and let someone other experienced leader to lead the flock. That is the only way to save the party from further disintegration.’ a visibly agitated senior party leader said.
He asked why can’t Mehbooba Mufti take a cue from Congress President Rahul Gandhi and West Bangal Chief Minister Mumta Benerjee who both have offered to resign besides nearly five Congress state Presidents.
”Cant she read the writing on the wall. If Rahul Gandhi can offer to quit to save party, why can’t Mehbooba who knows that PDP is about to disintegrate take a similar call.” asserted the leader, hinting that many leaders may leave the party in near future in case there wasn’t change of guard .
”You look at North Kashmir. We lost all the fifteen segments. We had eight MLAs from that region and now we don’t have even candidates to field. What kind of party has this been reduced to? Muzzafar Beigh got more than 1,75000 votes in 2014 Parliament elections and now you have been reduced to 52,000 votes. Isn’t this enough for President to go home.’ questioned another PDP leader from North Kashmir , adding that stalwarts like Muzaffar Beigh, Tariq Hameed Karra , Imran Ansari, Basharat Bukhari, Syed Altaf Bukhari, Javid Mustafa were marginalized by Mehbboba and her ‘so-called close aides’ which has led the party to bite the dust.
”You know why 2002 PDP Government was so effective and left a huge impact on the hearts and minds of people. Because Mufti Sayed had a battery of great leaders in his team. And in contrast, Mehbooba allowed a selective group of people to be around who destroyed the party. She must now take the responsibility.’ the leader said. (RNA)