JKPM for restoring pristine glory of heritage Zainageer kanal

Sopore, May 10: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM) leader Feroze Peerzada has expressed serious concern over the dilapidated condition of Heritage Zianageer Kanal and has criticized the concerned authorities for its total neglect. He said that the historic Kanal was constructed by the most popular King of Kashmir Zain-ul-Asnidin Bud Shah to provide irrigation and drinking water facilities to the people residing in and around the Sopore town.
In a statement, Feroze Peerzada has said that during his visit to Tujar Shareef, Sopore, he was much dejected to see the pathetic condition of Zainageer Kanal which is highly polluted due to accumulation of filth and dirt every where he has assured the local populace that JKPM will take up the matter of reconstruction and upgadatipn of the iconic Zainageer Kanal with higher authorities for restoring its pristine glory.
Feroze Peerzada said that the concern and resentment expressed by people against the concerned authorities for their failure to upkeep and maintenance of the Kanal was just and genuine. He said administration has failed to conserve projects of heritage and historical significance in Sopore.
Feroze Peerzada said the concerned engineers would be asked to formulate a comprehensive reconstruction and beautification project for revival of the Zainageer Kanal immediately. He assured much focus would be given to improve aesthetic ambience of the Kanal to make it a tourism attraction.