Executive Officer MC Anantnag threatens to approach Court against ‘bungling’ by president

Srinagar, May 10: Barely a couple of days after the Directorate of Local Bodies seized important documents regarding ‘ building permissions in MC Anantnag, an open war has broken out between the President and Executive Officer with later writing a formal complaint to the Director threatening to approach court if he was dislodged for a cover up. The EO has reportedly also made some startling revelations regarding the transactions from last several months and has demanded a thorough probe to ascertain the facts. A news agency has learnt from sources in the MC that EO has been under immense pressure from within and outside ever since the seizure of records forcing him to write to the director about the alleged ‘ frauds’ in the council.
“My submission to his Excellency Governor of J&K is to probe the expenditure made by president. The loot in accord of permission will lead the worthy Principal Secretary HUDD to initiate probe before transferring EO who has highlighted the mess in MC Anantnag . The threats are being launched that if EO Malik will not keep mum, he will be no more. If myself ( I) will be wrong , kindly dismiss me ( from services) , otherwise bungling of the President will not stop me to approach Hon’ble High Court for direct interference and ( holding) probe into the matter.” reads the post which the EO Malik has reportedly written on the department’s official whatsapp group addressing to Director Local Bodies. Though it is not known whether the director has forwarded the complaint to higher authorities but sources said that he has replied to EO on the same whatsapp group saying, “pl dont b discouraged. I will try to sort out the issues.”
Executive Officer Municipal Council Anantnag Gh. Mohd Malik confirmed about the complaint and said he has written to director and will see what happens.
Meanwhile some protests were held in Anantnag by a small group of traders against the EO who alleged that he was resorting to ‘hooliganism ‘and ‘highhandedness’. (RNA)