Employees yet to get additional salary for Panchayat Elections duty in Baramulla

Srinagar, May 10: Even as the Election Authority of India has released nearly twenty four crore rupees to District Election office Baramulla for additional salary to those employees who performed duties in Panchayat and Municipal polls last year, the amount is still to make way into the accounts of the beneficiary employees .
The employees who have performed election duties in the said Panchayat and Municipal polls alleged that authorities at District level are delaying the process for unknown reasons. A group of employees said RNA that after hectic scrutiny and paper work, the payments were finally released to Drawing and Disbursing Officers last month but were withdrawn immediately before they could disburse it in the accounts of the employees. They alleged that now another order has been issued seeking the breakup of their salaries which has given rise to the suspicion that they might not release the full salary as has been released – according to them-by the Chief Electoral Officer of Jammu and Kashmir.
Pertinently the Chief Electoral Officer vide his Order Number: CEO/Acctts/2019-2020/404 Dated 12-04-2019,( a copy of which lies with RNA), released Twenty Four Crore Fifteen Lacs Eighty Four Thousand and Two rupees and placed at the disposal of the Deputy District Election Officer Baramulla last month . But according to employees, they have still not been paid the additional salary for which the funds were released by CEO, J&K
“Sanction is accorded to the allotment of funds to the tune of Rs. 24,15,84,502/- ( Rupees Twnety four Crore Fifteen Lacs Eighty Four thousands Five Hundred and Two only) and is placed at the disposal of Deputy District Election Officer Baramulla , for meeting the expenditure on account of payment of one month salary/ wages/ remuneration in favour of officers/ officials of his district as per enclosed list , in lieu of election duty performed during conduct of Municipal/ Panchayat Election 2018.” reads the above mentioned order which was issued on 12-04-2019. However, nearly a month later the payment is yet to be released in favour of the employees triggering unrest in them who have been- according to them-waiting for the money to come in their accounts. The employees alleged that before the money was released to the District Election Authorities they were made to submit their documents almost thrice, but what is surprising that even after the release of funds by ECI, they were again asked to re-submit their pay details after which the funds were transferred to Drawing and Disbursing Officers.
The group of employees said that just a couple of days after the release, the funds was again surprisingly withdrawn from the DDOs and are now held back with the Deputy district election officer . According to employees , the authorities at District level have now again issued a new directive asking them to submit the breakup of their salary which has raised a suspicion that they might not release the full salary which if done, would be injustice with them.
While Deputy Commissioner Baramulla was not available for his comments, Chief Electoral Officer Shalinder Kumar asked employees not to get panic as the funds have already been released. He said the district Election Authorities should be allowed to get all the requisite details to ensure transparency.
Speaking to a news agency, Kumar said that he will take up the matter with the Baramulla Deputy Commissioner, and added that the employees will get the additional salary soon.
“The employees need to worry. This is a government announcement and the funds stand already released. Deputy Commissioner must be ensuring that everything is done transparently and without any error. so if it takes time, they should not worry because ultimately it has to go to their accounts only.” Chief Electoral Officer said, adding that this is a financial matter and authorities are very particular to go absolutely error free. Kumar also said that authorities have been asked to check how much salary these employees had drawn in that month and that is why they might be asking for the salary details again. He asked employees to cooperate with the district election Authorities and assured that they will get their dues without any problem. (RNA)