Inam Un Nabi presides over drug de-addiction conference at Ganderbal

Ganderbal, May 5: Socio Political activist and TV debater Inam Un Nabi presided over a daylong conference on drug de addiction at New Dream Land School Ganderbal held by ‘Helping Hands’ and was supported by Hope Ray NGO. Several other noted personalities were present on the occasion.
In his speech Inam appealed to the Youth to always stick to the moral path and never deviate so that they can save themselves from these negative tendencies.
He pointed about the causes of the drug abuse like peer pressure, psychological causes etc. While quoting the Holy Quran, Inam reiterated that it is prohibited in Islam and other religions as well to consume drugs and indulge in smoking and substance abuse.
He further highlighted the responsibility of family and educational institutions to inculcate values of honesty and integrity so that menace of corruption can be curbed.
Inaam urged the administration and Government to take lead from Thailand which has taken visionary steps like positive incentives to the farmers is that they do not grow poppy and opium like drugs.
Inam hoped that police would be more proactive and use iron fist against the Mafia running drug addiction networks. He appreciated recent steps of Police Chief Srinagar for booking drug peddlers under PSA.
He also urged upon the parents of Kashmir to show utmost vigil so that their youth do not get ruined.
Inam thanked the management of New Dream Land School and Helping Hand organisation for organising the event. (KNS)