PDP questions Govt’s stoic silence over wide use of spurious drugs in Kashmir

Srinagar, Apr 24: Terming the unprecedented use of spurious drugs in Kashmir a worrisome trend, PDP leader and MLC Mohammad Khurshid Alam said the government deliberately is putting the issue under the carpet while playing with precious lives.
In a statement, Alam said there are mounting complaints coming from across the Valley that spurious drugs are being administered to the patients while as the orders to prescribe generic drugs have gone for a toss.
He said that there are already orders issued in this regard that medicos should ensure rational prescription and use of drugs in government hospitals.
Alam added that even the Medical Council of India has issued advisory to the doctors to prescribe medicines using generic names.
He added that despite the fact that Generic drugs are way cheaper, by up to 95% in some cases, most of the health institutes undermine the norms and prescribe costlier and in most cases Spurious drugs to the patients.
According to the PDP leader, the media reports have already painted a grim picture of the worsening healthcare scenario in Kashmir Valley and how government is acting as a proverbial ostrich while failing to act against the violators.
He said that almost 99 percent of the prescriptions are violating the government directive and the whistle blowers are threatened, intimidated and harassed at various levels by those nefarious elements who reap undue benefits from such illegitimate and unlawful practises. (KNS)