Strange colours of politics

Strange colours of politics
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Since the day Bharatiya Janata Party has pulled out from the Peoples Democratic Party, the PDP chief and former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has been castigating her erstwhile coalition ally BJP for what she has been calling “failed policies” of the saffron party.
When she was the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir she didn’t miss any opportunity to praise Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She used to claim that PM Modi only can resolve all the problems, including Kashmir.
After being ditched by the BJP, Mehbooba Mufti trained all her guns towards the BJP and blamed the saffron party for all the ills. She tried her best to play the victim card. She claimed that she was unaware about what was happening around her when she was the Chief Ministe.r
On Monday, Mehbooba Mufti, alleged: “Modi failed on every front. He tried to stoke communal tensions in Jammu and also enacted the Balakote airstrike drama. BJP is clearly sensing loss in the first phase of Lok Sabha polls. Now they are creating an atmosphere of insecurity among the people. It seems they may indulge in another attack like Balakote so that it will garner votes for them. The attack on Pakistan or harassing people of Kashmir, all of it is the vote bank politics of BJP”.
When Mehbooba joined hands with BJP in 2015 and formed the government she was told by everyone that this alliance won’t work but she didn’t listen to anyone and went ahead. When she was ruling the state she used to tell the people that after Vajpayee, Modi is the only leader, who has got the capability to take firm decisions. But today she is blaming Modi for all the ills. Politics is a strange game no one can predict when friends can become foes and vice-versa.