Cast your vote as per your conscience: PDF to electorate

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Srinagar, Apr 16: Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) has asked the electorate to cast their vote as per their conscience against communal forces and opportunistic political parties.
A spokesman of party has said though PDF do not support any particular political party in fray in the ongoing Parliamentary elections, still the electorate should exercise their franchise against communal forces and those opportunistic political parties which have always bartered with the interests and dignity of the people of the state.
Spokesman has said that people of the state are well matured socially as well as politically and they are wise enough to differentiate between right and wrong, so they cannot be befooled and hoodwinked on false promises.
“People of the state know about double standards of the political parties who spit venom against center when out of power but betray peoples aspirations to appease their mentors when in chair,” the spokesman added. He said history is testimony how dignity and honour of the people was sold repeatedly for getting power during last 7 decades adding that the present grim socio-political situation in the state was the outcome of repeated betrayals with the people.
PDF spokesman has asked the electorate to keep in mind these facts while exercising their franchise and vote as per their conscience. (KNS)