BJP trying to take credit of sacrifices made by our security forces: Azad

BJP trying to take credit of sacrifices made by our security forces: Azad
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Udhampur, Apr 12: Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha and veteran Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad Friday said that BJP is trying to take credit on the achievements and sacrifices of our Armed forces, which no government in the past has done for vote bank politics.
Addressing series of election rallies at Pancheri, Latti, Dudu, Basantgarh and Gordi in Udhampur district today, Shri Azad lashed out at BJP Government and Modi for taking political mileage out of achievements and sacrifices of our armed forces, while stating that no government in the past has done so, although there were numerous achievements of our forces during previous governments including division of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh, during the regime of Smt. Indira Gandhi. He said that forces belong to the nation and their achievements also belong to nation and not any particular political party and it is wrong to take credit for their achievements by the ruling party, as the achievement goes to entire nation.
Azad also launched scathing attack on the BJP for divisive politics for vested political interests, as it is against the overall interests of nation. He said that India is a pluralistic country with diversity and fundamental factor for our unity lies in respecting the urges and aspirations of the diversity in our country. He said that India will remain united and strong by respecting the sentiments of the diversity and carrying each and every section together, not merely by hollow slogans.
He referred to the tremendous development and progress in the country in past seventy years out of which most of the times Congress had run this country and said that the achievements and progress witnessed in all spheres by the nation is because of the visionary and progressive programmes initiated by the successive Congress Governments. He said that country has marched ahead at very faster pace with the result that it is competing with the top developed countries in the World today which has not happened in just five years of Modi’s regime, but BJP and Modi government tried to mislead the people through their publicity machinery that country has gained these achievements only under their regime. He said that propaganda machinery of Modi government is spreading falsehood and misleading people on various fronts in order to hide their failures in fulfilling their commitments and fake promises to the people in the last election including job creation, bringing back black money etc.
Azad said that most of the poverty alleviation schemes in the country for poor people were launched by successive Congress governments including various welfare schemes for weaker sections, women and children which yielded lot of results in improving their living conditions, creating job opportunities, securing health and schooling of children and women. He said that during ten years of UPA regime more than 14 corer people were brought out of BPL status. He said that on the contrary of Modi government overburdened poor and common people with unprecedented hike of all commodities of common use and have made the life of common people very difficult. He said that people should question the BJP and test their performance on the basis of promises made during last Lok Sabha elections which have turned to be ‘jumlas’ but the BJP continues to use their diversionary tactics and engage people attentions on issues of religions, caste and the achievements of security forces in order to escape from their commitments made to people in the last Lok Sabha elections.
He appealed to the people to reject the forces of divide and hate and vote for Congress to maintain the atmosphere of peace and harmony which is paramount for unity of nation.
Prominent among those who organized the programmers included Ex-MLA & President DCC Udhampur PCC Krishan Cahnder Bhagat; Secretary PCC Narinder Sharma; Block Presidents Mohd. Abbas, Abdul Hamid, Des Raj Prashar and others.