Modi will be remembered for forgotten promises: Dr Farooq

Modi will be remembered for forgotten promises: Dr Farooq
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Srinagar, Apr 9: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday asserted that the ensuing elections provide us with an opportunity to secure the future of our coming generation saying that the opportunity should be utilized to cleanse the country and state from the communal yolk that is contriving to divide hearts of people.
Addressing two separate public campaign rallies at Hazratbal and Charar e Sharief, Party president said that no election is as important as is the ensuing one since it will decide if this country will run by the ideals of constitution or not. “The constitution of the country assures every a dignified life, it gives equal respect and equal opportunities to all with the prejudices of caste, class, ethnicity or race. However the incumbent government does not think on these lines, their idea of nation state is fraught with malice and religious prejudices. They nurture hate for minorities particularly Muslims. Now it is up to us to ensure if we want to live in a secular India or an India that is infested by bigotry and communalism. The opportunity is tapping our door; we should make the most of it and give India a responsible, secular progressive government. However Kashmir has to take a lead in this direction primarily to save our special status, our identity and secondarily to ensure that the secular visage of the country is restored,” adding, “That Modi’s tenure shall be remembered for forgotten promises, lies and showmanship.”
Referring to the manifesto of BJP, Dr. Farooq said that it is a repetition of the same promises which they miserably failed to implement on ground for past five years. “They had promised to rehabilitate Kashmiri pundits back in the valley. Where they able to do so? The other day a Kashmiri pundit visited me and recounted how BJP ditched his community. The pundit was mulling to shift to Kashmir therefore had entreated some monetary help from Government to do so; however to his dismay his plea had no takers. This is just a case in point. There are numerous such pundit families who actually wanted to move but find it difficult because of government support. BJP only wants the votes of Pundits, rest there wasn’t any initiative rolled out by the centre to get pundits back to their homes. The other day many pundits who work here visited me and narrated how they have been thrown out of their government accommodations. This deflates the much touted promise BJP made in its earlier Manifesto. The repetition of the promises by BJP in its Manifesto testifies to the fact that it has failed to deliver on it for five years. People won’t fall prey to it now. They have seen it all with their eyes,” he said.
Party president said that on one hand Jaitely and Rajnath say that Art 370, Art 35-A has to go, but on the other hand the governor says it will remain, who should be believe. “Such are the state of affairs. How many more dead bodies they want to see. The other day an educated boy from a district that has never seen violence gave his life at Kulgam; he could not bear the injustice that is being meted out to his countrymen. The repression, intimidation has to stop otherwise it would be difficult to win the hearts and bridge the gaps.”
Party president while rejecting the allegations of appropriating wealth said, “The property I have at Gupkar was purchased by my father after selling our family property at Soura. Secondly the property I have at Tangmarg, belonged to my late mother who had acquired it from her father. Had I appropriated wealth I would have been an Ambani, but unlike BJP leaders who are millionaires, I prefer to live a life by honest means. On the contrary it is the BJP that has to answer the nation on Rafael Deal. The country wants to know the fact.”
Party president said that the development of the state became the first casualty, ever since BJP came to power in the center. “Where are Rs. 80000 crores? Mehbooba Ji, on the floor of assembly maintained that her government only got ten thousand crores. What have they done for our state? People want to know? How many jobs were they able to give to our youth? Well people know nothing happened for the last five years, on the contrary plethora of miseries were unleashed on our people.”
Dr. Farooq said that the issue of J & K is a political one, and it has to be solved by politically. “It is a political solution that we aspire for. The issue is in the UNO also, and those who think Art 370 is temporary are right, it is until a plebiscite is to be carried out in the state. The political settlement of the issue is yet to be done. We aren’t asking for anything new. We are asking for our rights. Art 370 is temporary until plebiscite is not done. The accession was carried out, which karan Singh maintained has testified was done by his father; however the accession was confined to three things only: communication, foreign affairs and defense. The maharaja gave rest of the things to the people of the state. We however want the relation with the union on those fundamental points. Our accession is also powered by Delhi agreement. When I headed the state, I got the autonomy resolution passed, and those say it was rejected are wrong. The then home minister lal krishan Advani visited my residence on the death of my mother to offer his condolences. He also maintained that they were considering it. The development was followed by the constitution of a committee headed by K C Pant and later another committee was formed headed by Jaitely,” he said.
Party president said that if the people of the state want to retain their special status then they should come under the flag of National Conference. “The people have to repose their faith in the candidates as are fielded by the party. It is the flag that we have to vote for. We have to put aside our differences and jointly fight for our rights.”
Among others party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar, additional general secretary Dr Sheikh Mustufa Kamal, Muhammad Syed Akhoon and district president Srinagar Pir Afaq addressed the gathering at Hazratbal. Political advisor to President Mushtaaq Ahmad Guroo was also present there.
The public meet at Charar e Sharief was addressed by senior leaders Ali Muhammad Sagar and Former MLA Charar e Sharief, Abdul Rahim Rathar. Political advisor to party President Mushtaq Ahmad Guroo was also present on the occasion. (KNS)