Authorities stamp permission on palm

Authorities stamp permission on palm
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Srinagar, Apr 10: In a bizarre incident following the bi-weekly civil traffic movement ban on the Jammu-Kashmir highway, a commuter on Wednesday was stamped on his palm by the highway magistrate for travelling from district Anantnag.
Reports said that a commuter was stamped on his hand by the authorities today in order to allow him to use the road when the civilians’ remains banned from using the highway.
In a tweet, the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah expressed his anger over the “inhuman” treatment being meted out to people.
“This is how permission is granted to people in J&K to use their highway. Their hands are being stamped & written on. I don’t know what to say! Should we be flippant & mock the attempt at saving paper? I’m just angry at the degrading, inhuman treatment being meted out to people,” Omar tweeted.