It’s about performance not EVMs

It’s about performance not EVMs
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National Conference President and party’s candidate for Srinagar Parliamentary constituency Dr Farooq Abdullah has raised questions over reliability of Electronic Voting Machines just ahead of the polling day.
“April 18 is the voting date (in Srinagar). Do check the machines (EVM) while casting voting and remain cautious. These machines have been manipulated. I said the same thing in Kolkata,” he said while addressing an election rally in Srinagar.
Dr Farooq claimed that the person casts his vote in favour of one party and it goes in favour of another party so voters should check the slips before leaving the polling booth.
Dr Farooq Abdullah is not the only politician, who has put the question mark over the functioning of EVMs in the country. Most of the leaders of the Opposition parties have been talking about EVMs not being reliable but many people believe that Opposition leaders are raising the EVM bogie due to fear of losing. Whenever they win they don’t blame EVMs but when they lose they claim that EVMs were responsible for their debacle.
As the election campaign has almost entered into its last phase, the political parties are trying their best to tell the voters that they only can represent them. These politicians should stop finding faults with the system and need to tell the people that if they are elected what all they can do for them. These last days of campaigning are crucial for the candidates. Allegations and counter allegations won’t serve any purpose. They should make the promises which they can keep after winning the elections. It’s unfortunate that after winning the elections politicians go into their shells and leave their voters in lurch.