JKSECC aghast over suspension of development works

Srinagar, Apr 7: Jammu and Kashmir Socio Economic Coordination Committee (JKSECC) has expressed its deep concern over suspension of constructional and other developmental activities in the state due to the strike by the contractors for non-payment of their dues by the government.
In a meeting of the amalgam, the members observed that halting of works have not only affected the ongoing projects but also the repairing of snow-damaged roads which have caused colossal public inconvenience.
The members regretted that the Governor, his advisors and other government functionaries have miserably failed to put in serious efforts to end the month-long stalemate that continues with the strike and protests of contractors across the state.
JKSECC has expressed its surprise over delay or denial of the due and legitimate payments to the local contractors and entrepreneurs by the government against execution of their works.
“Whereas the contractors from outside are being paid a portion of total cost of works in advance besides paying a substantial portion on dumping of material, the local contractors have no such payment schemes,” observed the members with dismay. The non release of payments to the protesting contactors is being considered as impacting the overall economic scenario of the state.
JKSECC demands immediate release of payments to the contractors out of the same corpus that has been created for completion of languishing projects. Under the “Delayed Payments Act” which is in force in the state, entrepreneurs are also entitled for interest for the period of delay by the government that needs to take into account.
JKSECC has also demanded an explanation from the government for actual utilization of funds earmarked for different projects and capital expenditure in the previous year. The government needs to clarify whether any such funds have got lapsed and, if so, by whose fault. (KNS)