We must forge unity to protect states identity, integrity: Rather

Srinagar, Apr 4: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Senior leader and former Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Rathar called for forging unity to protect the interests of the state saying that the state is facing an edgy situation in the wake of numerous onslaughts on its integrity and identity.
Addressing a worker’s convention at Bandipora, Charar-e-Sharief, Rather said, “There are times that require us to remain extra cautious, and today we are facing such times. Today the very identity and integrity of our state is under threat. Never have we seen GoI made unambiguous and apparent remarks on the obliteration of the special status of state,” adding, “Former Prime Minister and BJP stalwart Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee while addressing a gathering at SKICC, Srinagar categorically affirmed to protect the special status of the state. But today’s BJP has a different and more radical stance. Today we have a dispensation at centre that is affront against Art 370, Art 35-A.”
Rathar while flaying the BJP-RSS for destroying the secular visage of the country said, “The great leaders of the country, Mahata Gandhi, Pundit Nehru, Maulana Azad took immense pains and idealized a dream of India where everyone is equal, where there is no prejudice on the basis of religion, sect and caste. However, the present appalling situation in the country would be traumatizing their souls. This is not the idea of India which was cherished by the freedom fighters who salvaged the country from the strife of colonialism.”
Rathar said that Dr. Farooq Abdullah is spear heading the efforts of the leaders across the country to trounce and defeat the communal forces as are hell bent to tarnish the secular visage of country. “Dr. Farooq sb is taking immense pains to help forge Maha Gatbanthan against the communal forces. He is crisscrossing the country and holding discussions with the leaders from all secular parties. We are very lucky to have such a leader contesting from our Parliamentary constituency. We are provided with a chance to strengthen his efforts to trounce the communal agenda of BJP-PDP. We should avail ourselves this opportunity and ensure that he wins with a resounding margin.”
Rathar while referring to the mushrooming of different political out fits in Kashmir, said, “The agenda of propping up plethora of political out fits mostly one man armies to divide the voice of the people of kashmir. We have with our state such people who under the figment of change are playing on the tunes of RSS-BJP. We should remain cautious of such RSS-BJP cronies.”
While flaying PDP for its colossal betrayal of public trust, he said, “In a first we made an outreach and offered unconditional support to the Late Mufti sahib in order keep BJP out of the power corridors. However our earnest offer was turned down by PDP. What followed is history. What good was achieved by our government until 2014 was put into an abyss. The explicit memories of the people are still afresh with the miseries which were inflicted by BJP-PDP on the citizenry of our state.”
“The past few years saw no accomplishments vis-à-vis employment generation, reduction of forces, return of power projects. On the contrary the PDP-BJP rule saw the implementation of GST, NFSA in the state. Our state saw numerous onslaughts from all sides.”
“PDP has to pay for its follies. Now it is up to us to avail this opportunity to clean the country and state of the communal scum. We should utilize this opportunity and strengthen the hands of Dr. Farooq Abdullah,” he said.
While flaying PDP for implementing GST in the state, he said, “They hunkered down for the sake of power and chair, not to talk of preserving what was left of our autonomy; PDP implemented the national food security act, GST Act thereby destroying the very fiscal autonomy of our state. The BJP-PDP combine severely put to distress the ordinary populace of the state. People are now hankering for ration, sugar which is missing from ration stores. The food security bill has hit thousands of families across the state. During my stint as Chief Minister I didn’t allow implementation of NFSA and GST.”
“I as Finance minister of the state under the leadership of Omar Sahib provided succor to the flood effected people by providing them free ration for six months. However today we cannot think of such a measure, all credits to PDP,” he said.
He urged the people to support the Dr Farooq Abdullah for Srinagar parliamentary constituency urging them to keep the momentum in the coming assembly elections also. (KNS)