PDP committed to safeguard Art 35 A, 370: Qayoom Wani

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Karnah, Apr 4: PDP’s parliamentary candidate from Baramulla constituency and former EJAC President, Ab Qayoom Wani Thursday said that PDP is committed to safeguard Article 370 and 35A, by legal and political means.
“I assure you that in parliament, I will raise my voice against any tinkering with Article 370 or 35A. My party is committed to safeguard these articles. We have fought it legally and we will fight it politically too,” Wani said while addressing an election rally in Karnah.
He said that no one will be allowed to tinker with these articles, as they are the basis of accession between the Union of India and the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He added that his party has stood firm during their tenure for safeguarding these articles.
“Our party president, who was chief minister of the state then, hired best lawyers of the Supreme court to fight this legal battle for our constitutional rights. And now when you will vote me, I will raise this issue always in the parliament and will fight against its abrogation or tinkering,” he said
Wani said that, he will raise the Sadna tunnel issue in the parliament and it will be his priority of work. “I can assure you, that I will fight for your rights. This tunnel will be my priority, once you make me win,” he said. (KNS)