Kashmir being used as tool to spread hatred: Congress

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Srinagar, Apr 4: The Congress party on Thursday said that the happenings and facts about Kashmir including verity of Article 370 and 35A are not being portrayed in well manner in rest of the country.
Addressing a press conference at party headquarters in Srinagar, Congress spokesperson Meem Afzal told reporters that the current situation in the Valley is the outcome of incumbent government. “We (Congress) is very much concerned over the present situation in Kashmir,” he said.
According to Kashmir News Service (KNS) correspondent, Afzal added they are concerned about the situation that has been created from last five years here, adding that the actuality of Article 370 besides the situation in Kashmir are not being portrayed in well manner in rest of India.
No correct reflection of Kashmir is there in rest of the country as it is being used as a tool to spread hatred, he said.
However, Afzal stated that Congress has not promised to revoke Armed Forces Special Power Act (APSPA) but promised to review it. “We are being targeted for putting the lives of forces at risk by talking about reviewing of AFSPA and Disturbed Areas Act. We didn’t say that we will revoke it but only promised to review it.”
He said BJP has revoked AFSPA from Andhra Pradesh and Meghalaya and by doing so they are becoming nationalists and when Congress promises to review it in JK, then the party is being labeled as anti-nationalists.
“We are in favour to resolve the issue through dialogue with all stakeholders and that too without pre-conditions. A large hearted approach is needed for the Kashmir issue,” he said.
About the ban on civilian traffic on highway twice a week, Afzal said civilians must not be ignored while taking any decision.
Afzal also vowed to full the promises made by the party through its manifesto titled ‘Congress will deliver’, saying “we have made the manifesto after through consultations with experts and we are committed to implement it in letter and spirit.”
He termed the congress’s manifesto as the voice of people, saying that 121 consultations were held with common people including experts of farmers, economists, doctors, lawyers and others following which the manifesto was released.
Afzal said in 2019 elections, Congress party wants that the choice of people be followed.
He blamed incumbent BJP government for the current situation in country, saying they are dividing people, adding that poor people are being assaulted, institutions are being attacked.
“Our priority is to eradicate poverty in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had claimed many things over poverty, but failed to implement that on ground,” he said, adding that instead of waiving off the loan to farmers, the loan bought by richest people of the country was waived off.
He also said that PM Modi was bought under pressure when Congress took farmer friendly initiative in Rajasthan and other states soon it came to the power there recently. (KNS)