ICC’s ACU to collaborate with Interpol to combat corruption in cricket

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To extend and strengthen its vigil against corruptors in cricket, the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) has joined hands with Interpol, the organisation that facilitates worldwide police cooperation.
The two agencies will feed off each other and exchange information on organised crime networks globally in an attempt to weed out corruption, which has infiltrated sports around the world, including cricket, in a big way.
The decision came on the back of ACU’s general manager Alex Marshall meeting top Interpol officers at its headquarters in Lyon, France, last week.
“The ICC has an excellent relationship with law enforcement agencies in a number of countries but working with Interpol means we are connecting with their 194 members,” Marshall said in a statement issued by the ICC. “Our focus is on education of players and prevention and disruption of corruptors. Where our enquiries reveal criminal offences have been committed, we will refer this to the relevant law enforcement organisations and this makes Interpol an important partner for us.”
As things stand, the national police force in each country has a direct line to Interpol.