Article 35A, 370 become major election issues

Article 35A, 370 become major election issues
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As the polling dates are coming near debate over Article 35A and Article 370 has picked up.
Kashmir based politicians have raised the pitch and have cautioned New Delhi against any move to tinker with these Articles.
All the mainstream politicians in Kashmir are of the opinion that if these Articles are fiddled with it would alter the relationship of Jammu and Kashmir with the union of India.
Despite Kashmiri politicians sounding an alarm, the BJP national president Amit Shah on Monday reiterated that his party is committed to scrap the Article 35A. “It has not happened till now as we do not have a majority in Rajya Sabha, but I believe it will happen by 2020. Removing Article 35A has been in our manifesto since 1950, it is our commitment to the people of the country,” Shah said at the News18 Agenda India Summit.
The statement of BJP national president has provided a chance to mainstream politicians in Kashmir to make Safeguarding Article 35A and Article 370 as their election plank. It’s evident that Amit Shah has provided the Valley based politicians with an issue in a platter. Whether these politicians would be able to defend these Articles or not is a different issue but for time being they can swear by these Articles and run their campaign.
Many people believe that Kashmiri leaders have not been able to prevent the erosion of special status of the state during all these years and they remember these issues during election time only.
Jammu and Kashmir is not the only state in India, which enjoys the special status. Many states in North East also enjoy the special status. The BJP leaders should leave their obsession with J&K’s special status and concentrate on other issues.