Congress committed to counter, defeat divisive forces: Saroori

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Thathri, Mar 31: Making an emotional pitch to voters to vote and support the Congress in the ongoing Parliament poll, JKPCC Vice President and former Minister, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori said that his party was fighting against divisive and exploitive forces, which are hell bent to destroy love and harmony not only in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, but in entire nation the mutual bond between the people from various ethnicity was at risk.
The Senior Congress while addressing unprecedented and impressive road shows cum Public addresses at Thathri where people gave Saroori, Mohammad Sharief Naiz, Mohammad Aslam Goni, Naresh Gupta, Sheikh Mujeeb, Thakur Nagar Singh & others receive rousing receptions and pledged to make Congress party Candidate Vikram Aditiya Singh win with thumping majority.
Saroori seeks mandate of the people for Congress candidate to accelerate developmental activities in remotest and far-flung areas. He said that Congress was committed to counter and defeat divisive forces tooth and nail and would always work for development of Jammu and Kashmir irrespective of any caste, colour or religion.
“Claiming that there is huge corruption in Raffle deal in Modi Government who fails to full fill its poll promises including made with the people of J&K,” Saroori said added that Congress party would win both parliamentary seats from Jammu Division. Urging the people of the Inderwal constituency to vote decisively in favour of the Congress candidate, Saroori said that Congress government from 2002 to 2014 gave a new paradigm of development and governance to the state which was characterised by all-round and equitable development, efficiency, transparency and people-friendly image.
Saroori reminded the people about various developmental projects which he has started for the development of this Assembly constituency. “Many projects started during Congress Government are still incomplete due to BJP failure”, he said and sought vote & support of the people to finish that incomplete projects to improve their socio-economic conditions.
He also lambasts out at BJP and said that, “It is this, the very heart and soul of J&K that we are fighting to protect in this election, from those who seek to change it, and to divide us. We want unity. They want to impose uniformity. The Prime Minister says ‘just believe in me’. We say ‘believe in our intentions, in our achievements…a high rate of growth, inclusive development, and strong democratic institutions.” He said that Congress party is going to win 2019 Elections with a record margin and all candidates of other parties including BJP shall forfeit their deposits.
In his address, Mohammed Sharief Niaz described Congress party as “synonym to development, secularism and national integrity.” He highlighted that 130 –year- old Congress party has played great role in freedom struggle. Thousands of workers and leaders sacrificed their lives, remained jailed till country got Independence. After Independence, it was Congress that scripted the future of the country and advanced towards the path of development. Development in any sphere cannot be done over night but the consistent and committed efforts of Congress has brought India on the world map, which is now one among the leading nation of the world, he added.
Niaz said that BJP has caused much damage to the people of Jammu region than any other party. He cautioned the people against the divisive politics of BJP and said that such dangerous politics for petty political gains has always proved disastrous for the people. The BJP is brazenly playing to reap political benefits and Its leadership was only raking up emotive issues, Niaz maintained.
“All religions are equally important and if preached rightly, lead us to the path towards almighty God” Said Mohammad Aslam Goni added that few parties including BJP believes in using religion as a shortcut to reach corridors of power by precipitating emotions of people and getting our society polarized on the basis of caste and religion.
In his address Naresh Kumar Gupta said “J&K people are wise enough not to be swayed down by these opportunist politicians. They will definitely reject their dangerous agenda for division of our society and shall, only, choose path towards peace, development and prosperity.
The Congress Leaders at the end also appealed to the voters of Inderwal constituency to come in large and cast their votes in favour of Congress Candidate.
Among others who addressed the gathering including Sheikh Mujeeb, Chowdhary Mohd Ali, NC Leader Noor Mohd Kalu, Asgar Hussain Khangi, Mohd Iqbal Keen and others.
On the occasion several BJP leaders including Mahinder Singh from Patshalla Bunjwah along with dozen of BJP hardcore workers joined the Congress party.