Voter turnout crucial

Voter turnout crucial
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Chief Electoral Officer of Jammu and Kashmir Shailendra Kumar has exuded hope that voter turnout in the forthcoming assembly elections would be good as more than 4 lakh new voters have enrolled themselves and things look bright.
Many people believe that the voter turnout would decide the fate of candidates in the fray. If the people come out to vote in large numbers then it could be anyone’s game but if the turnout is low it could go in anyone’s favour.
Authorities are making all the arrangements to ensure violence-free polling and election campaigning. On the other hand the Election Commission is making all the possible efforts to ensure that more and more voters reach the polling booths.
Few political parties have raised pitch over polling booths being clubbed in different areas but these “gimmicks” are more of an election stunt rather than being a genuine concern.
Polling in the first phase of Lok Sabha polls is all set to take place on April 11, 2019. Since the day elections have been announced the Election Commission in Jammu and Kashmir has organised various events and programmes to make people aware about the importance of exercising their franchise.
With just few days left for the polls to be held, authorities have doubled their efforts to make people understand that their vote decides who would represent them. Candidates of different parties are holding rallies and events to tell the people that they are their best choice and they (people) should vote in their favour. There are too many things which are happening on the ground and these will continue till the Lok Sabha elections end in Jammu and Kashmir and other states.