SSA school Nawlori turns into garbage dump

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Marki Aadil

Pattan, Mar 29: SSA school of Khawaja Mohalla Nawlori zone Pattan turned into garbage dump and cattle shed.
Established in 2004 SSA school of Khawaja Mohalla Nawlori does not have a proper building yet. School was initially started in rented building then shifted to the old building of Boys Middle School Nawlori in 2010 which was damaged at that time.
According to the concerned teacher Syed Mehmood administration had assured that the building will be renovated and fencing will be done but since then nothing happed and condition of the school became worst. The school ground has turned into garbage dump and inhabitants use it instead of sewage dump.
“The school building is totally damaged and locals use it as cattle shed in nights”, the school teacher said.
“I approached to higher authorities and brought in their notice several times but nothing happed on ground. They just gave me fake assurance and i am worried regarding the health of students as they may fall prey of communicable diseases due to the waste materials around the surroundings of the school,” he further added.
Students of the SSA School Khawaja Mohalla face other problems also as there is only one teacher and students said that there syllabus remain incomplete every year.
When the matter was brought in the notice of concerned ZEO she assured that matter will be solved soon.