Ricky Skerritt ends Dave Cameron’s six-year reign to take over as CWI president

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Dave Cameron’s controversial reign as the Cricket West Indies president has finally come an end after six years. Pitted against just one challenger, former West Indies team manager Ricky Skerritt, Cameron lost by an 8-4 margin after the elections were conducted through a secret ballot on Sunday.
Emmanuel Nanthan, who was also standing for a fourth term as Cameron’s deputy, was beaten by the same margin by Kishore Shallow, an entrepreneur and president of the St Vincent & The Grenadines Cricket Association. Both Skerritt, who is 62, and Shallow, 35, are also CWI directors.
Cameron had to swallow the embarrassment of defeat on home turf – he is understood to have moved the CWI annual general meeting to Jamaica. The turnaround might have come as a shock for Cameron, who was part of the CWI for 17 years, and took charge as board president in March 2013 replacing Julien Hunte, before which he was a vice-president of the board. Cameron served in the president’s seat for three terms.
Incidentally, when the nominations for the elections were closed on February 24, Cameron and Nanthan were nominated twice: by the Windward Islands Cricket Board of Control (WICBC) and seconded by the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), with the second hand of backing coming from his native Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA), subsequently seconded by the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA).
The opposition camp of Skerritt and Shallow were nominated by the Leeward Islands Cricket Board (LICB) and seconded by the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB).
ESPNcricinfo understands that before the elections began on Sunday, one of the two representatives from TTCB raised a motion to conduct the voting through a secret ballot. It received majority support, thus deepening the mystery over who exactly voted for Cameron or Skerritt.
Each of the six territorial boards (JCA, BCA, WICB, LICB, TTCB and GCA) had two votes each, and the votes can be cast by two representatives nominated by each of the territorial boards.
In a brief statement issued by CWI, both Skerritt and Shallow said they were “humbled” by the victory. While Skerritt said the new administration would “pledge to work for improvement on and off the field for West Indies cricket”, Shallow claimed the change of guard was a “victory for West Indies cricket”.
Dave Cameron (L) and Emmanuel Nanthan, the outgoing CWI president and vice-president CWI Media
On February 21, Skerritt announced his intention to challenge the Cameron administration, motivated primarily to nip the latter’s plan to “implement sweeping changes to the democratic process of decision-making” in Caribbean cricket.