Margipora Pattan roads in dilapidated condition, people suffer

Marki Adil

Srinagar, Mar 19: People are suffering due to the dilapidated condition of roads in Markipora Pattan in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district.
Locals said that fruit business, which is their main profession has been affected badly due the open mouthed roads and causing serious threat of accidents.
Locals alleged loss in apple business as maximum apples they transporting from one place other get damaged due to bad roads in the area.
Residents said fruit business has received a severe blow over the years because they can’t easily transport their fruit.
“Every time a truck comes to pick up our apple boxes, it gets caught in potholes,” a local resident, said, adding “We are losing our business and nobody pays heed to our repeated appeals.”
Residents of the area said that the road has been in bad condition since many years.
Locals said that the road has been blacktopped 12 years ago and no repair has been under taken till now.
The inhabitants of Margipora alleged that former MLA Pattan has visited the area before elections for getting votes and had promised the people for repairing the road but after getting elected he has never visited the place.
The people said that they appealed to the authorities many times but till now nothing has been done in this regard.