Indo-Pak relations far from normal

Indo-Pak relations far from normal
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War clouds which were hovering over India and Pakistan seem to have vanished at least for the time being. Tensions have deescalated and both the countries seem to have changed their tones.
Soon after the Indian Air Force jets carried out airstrikes at Balakot in Pakistan last month, both the countries were at the brink and war looked inevitable but the intervention of the United States prevented the situation from skirmishes turning into a full-fledged war.
The international community has been calling on both India and Pakistan to bury the hatchet and share a negotiating table to hammer out their differences. Pakistan government has banned the militant outfits that were active in the country and assets of many organizations have been seized. Recently a delegation from Pakistan visited New Delhi to hold talks over Kartarpur corridor. However, the Government of India made it clear that talks over Kartarpur corridor are in no way the resumption of the dialogue process between the two countries.
At present everyone in India is focusing on the forthcoming parliamentary elections and right now polls are the only priority.
During the past five years relations between India and Pakistan have touched the lowest ebb. Both the countries have not been at talking terms with each other. New Delhi has made it clear to Islamabad that no talks can be held over Kashmir as it’s a settled issue and talks and violence cannot go together.
If BJP returns to power in May this year it would mean that it would talk to Pakistan on its own terms but if some other party conquers Delhi then one would have to wait and see how it would devise its foreign policy. Time only will tell which path India and Pakistan would tread on.