Deferment of assembly polls murder of democracy: Hakeem

Srinagar, Mar 12: Chairman People’s Democratic Front (PDF) and former Minister Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen on Tuesday said deferment of assembly polls is a murder of democracy in Jammu and Kashmir and held mainstream leaders responsible for the disrespect shown to them by the successive central governments from time to time.
In a statement, Hakeem said deferment of assembly polls is a murder of democracy reminding mainstream leaders of the sell out of the sacred public mandates before the successive central governments in Delhi for only pelf and power not once but dozens of times.
Accusing the mainstream leaders of bowing their heads before successive central governments and selling out public mandates for pelf and power before the successive central governments Hakeem said disrespect to the unanimous stand of political parties on simultaneous Lok Sabha and assembly elections in the state by the Election Commission of India is a wakeup call for the mainstream politicians who have been ignored on every issue by the successive central governments.
Saying that elections are the soul of democracy and peace can’t be established by Governor and his group of four advisors not knowing much about the ground situation in Kashmir, Hakeem said restoration of a popular rule for which early assembly elections are must is the only way to restore peace and normalcy in the state. (KNS)