Doctors don’t want to serve in rural areas?

Doctors don’t want to serve in rural areas?
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Newly appointed doctors are yet to join their places of postings in different areas of the state. In January this year government issued a select list of more than 900 doctors. Most of these medicos were posted in different districts of the state where people have been facing immense hardships due to inadequate staff.
The Jammu and Kashmir government is believed to have taken a strong note of the truant doctors and these new appointees are likely to face action for keeping the posts blocked.
It seems that newly recruited doctors are least interested in working in rural areas. They want to excel in life by staying in cities and at the end move to other states or to some foreign country. Serving their people in Kashmir holds no significance for them as most of the medicos complain that they have to work for peanuts and are not treated at par with the doctors in other states.
Newly recruited doctors, not joining their places of postings have hampered the plans of the government to give a fillip to the healthcare sector in Jammu and Kashmir. Shortage of doctors in rural areas has played havoc with the health sector as many people in the villages don’t get the proper treatment and medication. Many patients, who could be easily treated in district hospitals, are referred to Srinagar for the treatment due to lack of doctors in the health centers in rural areas. The J&K government would have to look for some other ways and means to make doctors work in rural areas. The government should think about increasing the incentives of the doctors who are willing to work in far-flung areas. May be this formula could work?