Protect rights of women

Protect rights of women
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World observed international women’s day on Friday, various seminars and functions were held across the globe to highlight the role of women in various fields.
On this day everyone takes a pledge to protect the rights of women and to provide them with equal opportunities to come up in life. Women in every part of the world have stood up along with men during all these years and have proved their mettle.
In Kashmir also women have stood up with their male counterparts and fought against all the odds. In fact women have been the worst sufferers of turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir as they have faced immense hardships and difficulties since 1990. During the past thirty years women have lost their sons, husbands, brothers and fathers to the conflict. Despite them being in a very difficult situation they have tried to stand up on their feet and survived against all the odds.
Women play a major role in shaping up any society and it holds true for Kashmir society also. Men in Kashmir need to sit back and introspect and see have they been able to do justice with the women folk? Every woman in Kashmir has got a story to tell as at one or other point she has faced some sort of harassment in her life. Kashmir society turning materialistic has made the life difficult for the women folk. Many girls of marriageable age are yet to get married as they don’t have a government job. It’s unfortunate that having a job has become a pre-requisite for marriage in Kashmir. Our society needs to change and give all respect to the women folk, which it deserves. International women’s day is a reminder to men folk that women deserve all the respect and their rights have to be protected.