Tension eases

Tension eases
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Pakistan deciding to send its envoy Sohail Masood back to India is an indication that tensions between both the countries have eased out and the war like situation has been averted.
According to the media reports United States played a major role in deescalating the tensions between the two countries. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi thanked the United States for its role in defusing the tension.
Besides sending the envoy back, Pakistan has decided to send a high level delegation to New Delhi to hold dialogue over Kartarpur corridor.
Many people believe that war clouds which were hovering over sub continent have vanished at least for time being and peace has returned. India and Pakistan should utilize this opportunity to give a fillip to their ties, which have touched the lowest ebb during the past few years. United States stepping in has saved both these nuclear neighbours from entering into a conflict which could have proved disastrous for the entire sub continent. Had the situation escalated it could have triggered a nuclear war between both the countries. India and Pakistan deciding to cool down the temperatures has made the people heave a sigh of relief. Only a few war mongers, who have turned their news studios into war rooms, seem unhappy due to tensions getting eased. They have been left with nothing to sell. Few news channels left no stone unturned to push both the countries to brink. The TRP war between these channels could have made both the countries pay a heavy price. It’s high time that leaders in India and Pakistan look for a middle ground and sit across the table and sort out all the issues, which are detrimental for peace.