Shehla Rashid appeals GoI to issue passport to Ghalib Guru

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Srinagar, Mar 6: Former JNUSU Vice-President Shehla Rashid Shora appealed to the Government of India to issue a passport to Ghalib Guru, son of late Afzal Guru who was convicted in the Parliament attack case. “Ghalib deserves every chance to study and excel in the field and University of his choice,” she said.
Expressing admiration for Ghalib’s academic excellence, Shora said that he has secured 95% in matriculation and 88% at the higher secondary level, which is not an easy task for any student. He has managed to earn a scholarship abroad, which again is not an easy task for any student. He needs to be rewarded for his achievements, not punished!
She said that at a time when Kashmiri students are attacked in places like Dehradun and Chandigarh, and a Governor gives an open call to discriminate against Kashmiris, Kashmiri students cannot be “locked in” by denying them passports. Ghalib deserves a passport to a good education as does any other student.
Shora added that students like Ghalib Guru, pellet victim Insha, Syed Tamheed Bukhari (late Shujaat Bukhari’s son) and Sama Shabir Shah (daughter of separatist leader Shabir Shah) have done us proud because they have managed to excel in academics despite their difficult circumstances. Instead of victimising such students, the government needs to come forward to support them. They represent the Kashmiri students who have to study in extremely difficult circumstances. (KNS)