Far flung areas without essentials

Far flung areas without essentials
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People in far-flung areas like, Tangdar, Karnah and other snow bound areas are facing acute shortage of essentials due to roads, connecting these areas with the rest of the state, remaining blocked.
This year hardships of the residents of these areas have increased manifolds due to Kashmir witnessing a very harsh winter season.
According to the media reports the border areas which are still snow bound need essential supplies without any further delay. The need of the hour is that the supplies should be airlifted and sent to these areas.
This year entire Kashmir has faced shortage of the essentials due to the frequent closure of Srinagar-Jammu highway. Even at present Srinagar city and major districts in the Valley are facing acute shortage of the essential items. Prices of commodities have sky rocketed and many items have vanished from the market.
Many people are blaming the National Highway Authorities of India for Jammu-Srinagar road being in a mess as the mountains have been cut haphazardly and the ambitious project to turn the highway into four lane seems to have backfired.
Essentials not reaching the district headquarters too have led to the shortage of commodities in the far-flung areas. This situation needs to be addressed and the administration has to find a way out to diffuse the crisis both in the district headquarters as well as the far-flung areas. Airlifting essential supplies should not be that difficult. If government puts an effort supplies can reach every nook and corner of the Valley within days. The shortage of medicines, baby foods and other important items need to be addressed at the war footing basis and one hopes it would be done.