‘Look for peaceful solution to Kashmir issue’

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New Delhi, Mar 4: A group of Delhiites Monday urged the governments of India and Pakistan to look for a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue.
Banding under the #citizensagainstwar, they gathered at Jantar Mantar and formed a human chain in protest of the airstrikes by India on Pakistan and the counter strikes by Pakistan.
Holding the placards of #citizensagainstwar, protesters, including prominent activist Shabnam Hashmi, called upon the governments of India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue through dialogue.
“The only way forward in the conflict between India and Pakistan is to find a peaceful solution the Kashmir issue,” according to the statement issued by ‘#citizensagainstwar’, a group of Delhi residents.
“War allows conflicts to fester the differences to grow. War causes economic hardship not for the rich but for working people, the poor, the downtrodden,” the statement said.