Javaid Jafri

Girl Child is one of the biggest blessings of Allah. A girl is the one who plays many roles in our lives. She is our mother, our sister, our wife, our grandmother and many more. She is the cause of life, because of her we are in this world. Before a sister, a mother, a wife she is girl and if we are saving a girl we are saving our world. This world of Homo sapiens is just because of her. We must remember that she is not our demand but she is our need. Creator has made all things bright and a female is never an exception. Girls are an integral part of life. We can’t imagine the world without girls! There is no blessing like mothers at home! “Paradise lies under the feet of mother”, Prophet Mohammad (saw) there no caring sisters to share or sorrows and double our joys, and no wives for man forcing him to live a bachelor’s life eternally with all the responsibilities of household chores on him. The truth is man’s life would be eternally monotonous and monochromatic without girls. The practical and scientific fact is man’s existence is dead impossible without Girls. Allah blesses with daughters to those people who deserve them.
These words from a teacher inspired me to ponder upon a girl child. We all relish the solace of womanhood through a darling daughter, or a loving younger sister, or a caring elder sister or an affectionate mother or a life partner as a peace for men. The affection and emotions that the most Benevolent, The Merciful Lord, has obscured in her serve as a curing medicine, for all mental obsessions with a single smile, she could be an enormous solace. As we all know that the status of a being daughter before Islam was very harsh and cruel. In Roman culture, daughters were being sold in the market and married to old persons. In Arab, they were such egotist animals they used to bury their innocent daughters alive. And in china they were alligated with chains. But then Islam came in to being and granted them rights and even bestowed some responsibilities for them which men could never fulfil. “If you have a daughter and you grow her educate her and, Love her with full care then Allah will grant you Jannah for sure” Prophet Mohammad (saw) .This shows that daughters are indeed a source of blessings from Allah (swt), therefore if a daughter is born in someone’s home, he should not be saddened by this, instead he should rejoice and thank Allah (swt), for his great blessings. How can they be inferior when a place in paradise is being promise against them? Being saddened by the birth of daughters was the practice of Non- Believers (kuffars) Because before the prophet (saw) came, the Non-believers (kuffars) used to get saddened by the birth of daughters and used to consider then a burden as they would need to find someone for their daughters to marry.
Without shadow of doubt, It is these blessed daughters that are the means for the existence of humanity, how can they be considered a curse, surely this is the act of Non-believers. The prophet, (saw) has called them as blessed parents whose first child is daughter. Therefore rejoice and smile when you hear about the birth of a daughter and consider them a towering blessing for yourself.
No doubt if we talk about present world Alhamdulillah by the grace of almighty Allah people are well aware about the rights and freedom of girls. But unfortunately some Girls are misusing their freedom and rights given by their parents and religion, they should always obey the rules and regulations, to stop untoward and vulnerable situations in their entire life. Rather than making a fool of their parents and advertents. Under watchful eyes some of them pretend to be fully religious and obedient to their parents and advertents But unfortunately when they get out of stations for various purposes , they start behaving like a barefaced by different means which results lots of problems and troubles after some time . And surely sometimes the effect impacts on their parents, relatives, vicinity and so on. And this way they become barriers for their parents, relatives, friends and so on. Ultimately same girls became the headache for the whole society. But here I must say that parents are responsible for the same to some extents. Because while loving them and fulfilling their desires and needs, they fail to take a proper vigil on them and fail to give them basic and mandatory moral and religious education which is very important before adolescence period.
The correct upbringing of the children is the onus of the parents. The last Messenger (saw) said; “Each person amongst you is the ruler of house and each one of you is responsible for those under your care. So the onus of guiding and upbringing of the dependents is the foremost responsibility of the parents. When ‘the boy attains the age of maturity and understanding he should be taught the names of the last messenger and the infallibles. He should be taught the Salat at the age of seven and should be instructed to pray from the age of nine. Do not hesitate to be persuasive and strict in this matter. The girl should be guided before becomes nine so that she starts to pray regularly by this age.
Some mandatory duties for girls by which they can stop untoward & vulnerable situations in their entire life; The first and foremost duty is to cover herself properly instead of remain unveiled and wearing tight, NUTORIOUS and transparent clothes. This is one of the main and important duties for all girls. Duty to keep the dignity of herself. Dutyto take care of her family. Duty to be in limits when it’s matter of Na-Mahram. Duty to be loyal to her Husband and keep her Imaan safe and strong as well. So, according to all these Islam gave huge importance to women especially to daughters. May Allah s.w.t protect all our daughters, sisters and mothers, and bless them with all the happiness of the world and give them ability to follow the path of Hazrat Fatima (RA) the daughter of beloved prophet Mohammad (saw).
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