Auto-Rickshaw drivers miss deadline for installing meters

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Srinagar, Mar 4: The continuous failure of authorities to install calibrated meters in auto-rickshaws is taking heavy toll on passengers in Srinagar city.
The auto-rickshaw drivers charge passengers arbitrarily causing immense problems to them. The passengers mince no words to accuse the authorities of sitting on installation of meters in auto-rickshaws.
Earlier J&K Transport department had directed auto-rickshaw drivers to install calibrated meters through an official notification in the month of November last year. However, despite the expiry of the deadline, auto-rickshaw drivers are yet to install meters.
“There is no fixed rate on any route, different auto drivers charge different rates as per their wish. And authorities are still sleeping.” a passenger Mohammad Moosa said.
“Auto drivers are charging heavily, authorities are least bothered about the issue. It’s our responsibility to force them to take measures for the betterment of society,” said another passenger Faisal Irshad.
Passengers also accuse auto drivers of taking undue advantage of their helplessness in the absence of other means of transport, especially in the evening time.
The authorities have completely failed to install meters in auto-rickshaws despite of tall claims through media.
“We have our own association, we cannot go against our association and the rates set by them. Why should we install meters when people don’t ask for it?” an auto driver said.
While talking to a news agency, Assistant Regional Officer, Srinagar, Peerzada Shabir Ahmad said, “I am not aware about the previous notifications, I have joined the department recently. I cannot comment on this atleast for now. I will check the previous record and will come back to you.” (RNA)