Rana highlights societal response towards empowerment of differently-abled

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Nagrota, Feb 28: National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Thursday highlighted the societal responsibility towards differently-abled persons, saying their potential is needed to be explored optimally to make them self-reliant and usefully for the society.
“Unfortunately, the number of differently-abled persons is perhaps more in Jammu and Kashmir than anywhere across the country due to disturbances, explosions and border skirmishes and we as a society owe them to create conditions wherein they life dignified life”, Rana said at a function wherein seven motorized scooties were provided to the needy, taking the beneficiaries of this scheme to 25 in the Nagrota Assembly Constituency.
Rana prayed for end to hostilities, which cause colossal human loss and render the people physically disabled. He referred to incidents of violence in the hinterland and border shelling on regular basis leading to causalities and disabilities, saying peace has no alternative and therefore it is incumbent upon all to help in creating a situation wherein hostilities, war jingoism, border skirmishes become a bad dream of the past. Need for generating such a situation is imperative now than ever before as the clouds of war are hovering over the skies. He hoped the situation becoming normal so that this region becomes a peaceful and better place to live in. “Jammu and Kashmir is the biggest beneficiary of peace”, he added.
Rana said that watching cheer on the faces of differently-abled is overwhelming for him and he will not shirk his responsibility towards their welfare and empowerment. “Every effort to empower this segment of society is a big leap towards eliciting their involvement in socio-economic transformation as mobility is imperative for pursuing careers”, he said
Rana said that physical disability is not a curse but a condition which should not be allowed to hamper the growth of the person. “Such persons need encouragement, more than compassion to perform their useful role in the society”, he said, while quoting the adage that if God deprives anybody of any vital limb, he or she is compensated with such faculties that makes them distinct from others.
He also appreciated the urge of differently-abled segment of society to lead a dignified and pro-active life. “Their empowerment and well-being has to be ensured by devising schemes to help them cope up with the situation”, he added.