Indo-Pak students in Harvard call for de-escalation

Srinagar, Feb 28: Indian and Pakistani students at Harvard University call for de-escalation of the tensions between Indo-Pak.
We are a group of Indian and Pakistani students, staff and faculty of Harvard University who add our voices to the call for a de-escalation of the tensions between India and Pakistan.
Having had the opportunity to interact with people from our neighboring country, we are constantly reminded of our shared history, heritage and culture. We are alike in our shared desire for long term peaceful relations between our two countries.
We call upon our national media to report responsibly and resist from warmongering during this tense time.
We urge our fellow citizens to exercise restraint and not call for escalating retribution.
We demand our elected representatives’ work towards long term resolution of conflict, rather than short term electoral gains.
We hope our governments explore all options of diplomacy and not put further civilian and military lives at risk. We stand in solidarity for peace. (KNS)