‘Big brother’ steps in

‘Big brother’ steps in
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President of United States Donald Trump stating that “We have some decent news from India and Pakistan” indicates that war mongering can end soon.
Both the countries have been pushed to brink after the attack on CRPF convoy in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district on February 14. Tensions escalated after Indian Air Force jets carried out airstrikes at Balakote deep within the Pakistan territory. Soon after the IAF airstrike, Pakistani jets entered into Indian air space and situation turned from bad to worse.
Pakistan has suspended its airspace and it looks like that they are waiting for India to react. Now the big question is would India react?
Saner elements in India and Pakistan are stating that war is no solution and it should not happen. Barring a few news channels in both the countries no one wants war. The voices for de-escalation are becoming shriller.
People in Kashmir are also hoping that situation improves and tensions end. They know it very well that they would be the worst sufferers if both the countries decide to climb the escalation ladder.
Both the countries need to return to dialogue as it’s the only way forward. Talks only can lead to stalemate getting over. Everyone is aware that relations between India and Pakistan are at their lowest ebb at present. If both the countries have to move forward then this is the last opportunity. If this chance is missed there would be no opportunity left. Intervention of the United States is a welcome development at this point of time as the “big brother” can play a vital role in pacifying both the nuclear neighbours. Opening communication channels between India and Pakistan are a prerequisite for tensions to end.