Give peace a chance

Give peace a chance
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A day after India carried out air strikes at Balakote, Pakistan fighter jets entered into Indian airspace in the skirmishes India said that one MIG fighter jet was lost and one pilot is missing in action.
Spokesman of the Ministry of External Affairs also said that one F-16 jet was shot down by the Indian Air Force. Soon after action in the air, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared on Pakistan TV channels and invited India for talks. He said that war won’t take both the countries anywhere and the dialogue is the only way out. Till late in the evening India did not respond to the talks offer put forward by the Pakistan Prime Minister.
Saner elements in both the countries are calling upon the leaders to exercise restraint and give peace a chance but it seems that situation is taking an ugly turn and it has reached a point of no return. News channels are adding fuel to the fire by claiming that war has begun and there is no looking back.
If the situation escalates no one can rule out a full-fledged war breaking out between the two nuclear neighbours. If the better sense doesn’t prevail coming days are going to be tough, especially for the people of Jammu and Kashmir as the entire state would turn into a battle field where guns only would roar. People of Kashmir have kept their fingers crossed as they don’t know what fate has got in store for them.
Kashmiri politicians have cut across the party lines and are making fervent appeals to both India and Pakistan not to climb the escalation ladder and take a reconciliatory path. Time only will tell would whether the situation would escalate or the better sense would prevail?