Chaos prevails

Chaos prevails
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The scarcity of essentials has triggered a chaos in Kashmir. From fuel to vegetables everything has disappeared from the market. People are wondering what’s in offing for them. Some are talking about war and others are worried about the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.
Indian Air Force carrying out air strikes across the Line of Control has created fear that situation can escalate.
People are trying to stock whatever they can as the prevailing uncertainty has pushed them to the wall. The administration has been stating that essentials have disappeared from the market due to the closure of Srinagar-Jammu highway and stocks are on the way.
Kashmir witnessing harsh winter this year led to 270-km highway, connecting Kashmir with rest of the country, getting closed for days together has led to the scarcity of essentials as the stocks have not reached the Valley.
Administration has assured the people that supplies would reach the Valley within a few days and people need not to worry. Despite assurances tension is in the air and people have kept their fingers crossed.
After the IAF carried out airstrikes, Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir issued a statement asking people not to worry and carry on with their daily chores and not to worry. He also stated that if there is any advisory it would be issued. Many people believe that the preparations which were made during the last 10-days were part of the measures which were put at place before carrying out the aerial strike.
Still the threat of war is looming large as jets are hovering above the sky and the security forces are on high alert. Valley is tense as situation is still gloomy.