Political dimensions changing in J&K

Political dimensions changing in J&K
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Top bureaucrats quitting government jobs and joining politics in the state have changed the political dimensions in Jammu and Kashmir.
IAS topper from Kashmir Shah Faesal resigning from the top post and announcing his decision to join politics surprised many people. He didn’t join any political party but announced that he would float his own party.
Another top bureaucrat Farooq Shah, who had served at key positions in Jammu and Kashmir, also said goodbye to the top post and joined politics. He has formally joined National Conference and he would be the party candidate from Gulmarg.
Many people are asking why the bureaucrats are joining the politics. Is it that they have realized that real power lies with the politicians only? And being a bureaucrat doesn’t help? Shah Faesal in his maiden speech after quitting his job said that “he was in jail for all these years” and couldn’t do anything for his people. He claimed that he has taken a plunge into electoral politics to serve his people.
The question is if politicians can serve the people better than the bureaucrats then why have Kashmiri politicians failed to live up to the expectations of the masses. Why is it that every one complains that politicians disappear from the scene soon after winning the elections and most of them forget their promises.
One hopes that new generation of politicians dispels the notion that politicians don’t keep up their promises and just serve their own cause instead the cause of the people. They would have to reverse the policies their predecessors have followed to prove it to the people that they did not quit the government jobs for themselves but for the sake of people.