Fiddling with Art 35-A, 370 will have serious consequences in JK: Omar

Fiddling with Art 35-A, 370 will have serious consequences in JK: Omar
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Srinagar, Feb 25: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah on Monday reiterated the party’s resolve to continue fighting for the protection of Art 35 A / Art 370 saying that any attempt to tinker with the states special status will have serious ramifications in the state.
Referring to the large scale violence in Arunachal Pradesh, party Vice President in a statement said, “A peaceful state like Arunachal Pradesh is also in flames. People there have hit the roads protesting against any changes in their permanent resident status. That, I believe, should act as an eye opener for those who are inimical to Art 370, Art 35 A. Any misadventure in fiddling with the States Special status will unarguably have serious and far-reaching consequences in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.”
He said that people irrespective of region, religion has come out in open support of Article 35A and Art 370. “Our fight for the protection of the states special status is being acknowledged and supported by those who are in alliance with BJP as well,” he added.
Addressing party functionaries, workers and delegates here at party headquarters Nawa e Subah, Omar Abdullah asserted that emergence of the third front in Kashmir is being manufactured to split up the mandate of people in Kashmir saying the people should give a befitting reply to such machinations by rallying around the flag of National Conference only.
He said that third front is being contrived to ensure that a single party with a strong mandate does not emerge from Kashmir valley.
“The idea behind forging the third front is to ensure that the mandate of the people of Kashmir is split. However, this trend is not seen in Ladakh or Jammu regions of our state. Why is it that such trends only emerge in the valley? The forces as are hell-bent to destroy the special status of our state have been contriving to create a leader in every street of Kashmir. Sheikh had already prophesied that forces inimical to Kashmir will create leaders in every street. However by forging unity and rallying around the flag of National Conference, we can trounce such forces as are contriving hard to destroy our special status,” he said.
Addressing a gathering of party functionaries, workers and delegates’ party president Dr Farooq Abdullah said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have from time to time showed their abhorrence for communal forces and have held high the torch of universal brotherhood and harmony. “I hope that the situation in the country calms down. Time has come when people in the country need to reject the rhetoric of communal forces,” he said.