Need of the hour is to lend patronage to our mother language: Dr Farooq

Need of the hour is to lend patronage to our mother language: Dr Farooq
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Jammu, Feb 22: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah on the annual observance of International Mother Language Day impressed upon the people to take privilege to speak in their native languages.
In his message Dr. Farooq Abdullah while highlighting the importance of native languages said, “Learning to speak in ones native languages is very essential for a child’s overall development. Being fluent in the mother tongue, benefits the child in many ways. It connects him to his or her culture, ensures better cognitive development, and aids in the learning of other languages.”
Party President while highlighting the richness of Kashmiri language said, “kashmiri language is known for its richness, particularly for its poetry, maxims and other literary aspects. Kashmiri language boasts a plethora of other peculiar literary aspects which are indigenous to our land and reflective of the originality and creativity of our people.”
Dr Farooq while highlighting the role of great sages and saints in nurturing the Kashmiri language said, “The patron saints of our valley Hazrat Sheikh Nur Ud Din (RA) and Lal Ded made kashmiri language the vehicle for spreading their message of love, compassion and Almighty consciousness. The inherent universality of the message of Nund Reshi and Lal Ded touched every soul and continues to inspire many even today.” He further added, “The poetry of Haba Khatoon, rooted in the flora, fauna lends a truly paradisiacal disposition of Kashmir.”
While expressing concern over losing essence of Kashmiri language, he said, “The kashmiri we speak now is hodgepodge of words from many languages. One cannot do away with the influence of other languages but it has to stop. The civil society, the government agencies and other literary groups have to take a lead in this direction.”
He further said that language is vulnerable and that by merely having a large number of speakers does not put a language out of risk of getting extinct. “The need of the hour is to lend patronage to Kashmiri language. We should make it a point to speak to our children in Kashmiri language. I am of the opinion that schools, universities and colleges too have to take a lead in this direction. A cumulative and sincere effort will surely make a difference,” he said.
“Our state boasts other languages like Dogri, Pahari, Gojri, Shina, Ladakhi. We should celebrate this cultural diversity of ours. The speakers of other languages take equal pride in the richness of their mother tongue. It is thus imperative for a government to provide patronage to all the languages of our state,” he added.