Can international community prevent flare up?

Can international community prevent flare up?
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International community seems to have realized that intervention is necessary to prevent another India-Pakistan war as the tensions are mounting between the two nuclear neighbours.
United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has offered to mediate between India and Pakistan to avoid conflagration. On the other hand India China also has told both the countries to sit across the table and sort out the differences.
The international community has to play a role to save India and Pakistan from taking each other on. Indian leadership has declared that Pulwama attack would be avenged and the perpetrators won’t be spared. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear that armed forces have been given a free hand and they would decide when and where to strike.
The UN Secretary General has stressed on the importance for both sides to exercise maximum restraint and take immediate steps to de-escalation, and has said that his good offices are always available should both sides ask.
But it seems India is in no mood to pay any heed towards Guterres’s advice as United States has already said that India reserves the right to retaliate and it won’t oppose any action. It means that UN also won’t be able to do much as US has given free hand to India.
Everyone is aware about the fact that Kargil war in 1999 could have taken a deadly turn had USA not intervened and asked Pakistan to end the skirmishes. This time around equation has changed as United States has not called for any restraint nor has it asked India to hold any parleys with Pakistan. Many people believe that war is on cards. It can only be averted if the International community plays an effective role to cool the tempers down.