JKPA expresses concern over problems faced by Kashmiris in other states

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Srinagar, Feb 18: An Important meeting of JKPA was convened under the leadership of party’s President Muzzaffar A Bhat in the backdrop of current situation. All the Party leaders expressed their concerns and apprehensions regarding the present situation and problems faced by Kashmiris in different parts of India. Violence is condemnable in all its forms and manifestations, “Killing of an individual is equal to killing of whole mankind”, said Muzafar Bhat.
Several other leaders appealed to the civil society of India to come forward and hold the hands of Kashmiris being targeted all across the country for none of their faults.
They further appealed to Kashmiris back home not to pay heed to rumours that can cause law and order problem and can result in destruction of life and property. The meeting appreciated the role of Governor for establishing a helpline for Kashmiris and steps taken towards normalising the situation.