Divisive forces trying to politicize sacrifices of soldiers for electoral gains: Monga

Jammu, Feb 19: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Vice President and ex MLC G N Monga Tuesday said divisive forces in the country were trying to politicize the sacrifices and blood of soldiers, who lay down their lives for the country, for electoral gains.
“The sacrifices of soldiers are being exploited by the divisive forces. These forces are milking the Pulwama attack issue for electoral gains. They want to take political mileage out of the death of soldiers,” Monga said in a statement. “Although, the BJP always had the kind of elements who attempted to gain from the blood and death of others, but in the last five years, the right-wing party has touched a new low. The BJP is trying to use Puwlama incident to its advantage with the Lok Sabha polls approaching. The number of militant attacks have increased in the last five years under the Modi government. This clearly shows that it has miserably failed to contain the growing militancy in Kashmir valley,” he maintained.
“Every citizen of this country is a patriot, but the BJP leaders claim they are more patriotic than others. Others who speak of patriotism are being branded anti-nationals. Some organisations are behaving as if patriotism belongs to them and are creating animosity in the country,” he added.
The Congress leader also expressed serious concern over the safety and security of Kashmir students, businessmen, employees and others living in Jammu and other parts of the country. “Rioters are moving on two wheelers in Jammu and constantly harassing Kashmiris, but the law enforcing agencies are still not able to control them. Kashmiri students are being hounded and humiliated in various parts of the country by the goons which is a shameful act,” he said.
“Authorities are giving only assurances while on the ground it is mobs backed by a political party who are having a say. The l violence against Kashmiris in Jammu and outside is a tool to shift the blame and could indisputably disenchant people of the state,” Monga said.
He said by intimidating Kashmiris these divisive forces were trying to create a wedge between different communities in the country which Congress party will fight tooth and nail. (KNS)