We will never compromise with country’s security: Naqvi

Lucknow, Feb 17: Senior BJP leader and Union minister for minority welfare Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi hinting strict action on the people involved in the Pulwama attack said that the Narendra Modi Government will never compromise with the national security.
“The country’s security was always on the priority list of the Government and it will continue to be so in future,” he said while announced that the Pulwama incident was unacceptable.
“You all wait and watch, the sponsors and the people giving patronage to these militants would not be spared at any cost,” he told reporters here on Sunday.
He claimed that the Modi Government during its around 5 year rule had controlled the militant attack in other places of the country except for Kashmir.
“We have already withdrawn the policy of most favoured country from Pakistan and you all have to wait to see what other action the government takes,” he said while supported the decision of the government to withdraw security and other facilities to the separatists leaders in Kashmir on Sunday.
When asked that some Congress leaders are raking up the intelligence failure which led to the Pulwama incident, the BJP leader said ,” Congress leaders are in competition against each other in giving controversial statements. They should avoid such statements which can hurt the people during his crucial situation.”
He also said that actions have started against the people who are supporting Pakistan and trying to create division in the society in the country.
In a query about withdrawal of Article 370 from Kashmir in the BJP’s 2019 manifesto , he said the party had always said that Article 370 is not benefiting Kashmir but it is up to the Sankalp Patr committee to decide.