War talk returns

War talk returns
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Suicide attack on a CRPF bus near Lethpora on Srinagar-Jammu highway which left more than 40 paramilitary CRPF men dead has triggered a huge debate.
TV channels and the other media organizations are demanding that central government should take a “decisive action” and “declare a war” against Pakistan.
The statements which have been emanating from New Delhi clearly indicate that there would be some kind of action. The BJP leaders who are appearing on the news channels have assured the people that a strong action would be taken.
The message coming from Delhi is clear that coming days are going to be tough for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Anti-militancy operations would intensify and there is every possibility about the borders heating up so more bloodshed and violence is in the offing.
It seems there is no possibility about any attempt being made to come up with a solution through dialogue as everyone is talking about the military solution. Kashmir has been witnessing turmoil for the past three decades. Kashmiri leaders have repeatedly said that Kashmir is a “ticking bomb” and now it seems that bomb is ready to explode and both India and Pakistan would have to pay a heavy price for ignoring the suggestions which were put forth by the Kashmiri leaders. People of Kashmir have kept their fingers crossed and are watching the developments keenly. If Centre decides to take “decisive action” the people of Jammu and Kashmir would be worst sufferers as they would have to bear the brunt of the hostilities between India and Pakistan.
Another factor which needs to borne in mind is that BJP led NDA government knows it very well that its election time and it cannot allow opposition parties to term the attack on the CRPF convoy as the failure of the central government. Situation looks gloomy as coming events have already started casting their shadows.