Decision of separate Ladakh division half baked exercise: Hakeem Yaseen

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Jammu, Feb 10: While welcoming the decision of Governor S P Malik about creation of a separate division for Ladakh, former cabinet Minister and Chairman PDF Hakeem has urged the need to respect sentiments and aspirations being expressed by the people of Kargil district people in this regard. He said the decision to create a separate division for Ladakh has been taken in a hurry without consulting the leadership of Kargil which has annoyed them.
In a statement, Hakeem Yaseen said that it would have been proper if the leadership of Kargil had been taken on board while taking the decision to carve out a separate division for Ladakh region. Governor should have taken people of the Kargil on board while taking decision to create a separate Division for Ladakh region. He said the manner Ladakh region has been unilaterally declared as a separate division, entire leadership of the Kargil has got disenchanted and annoyed for not taking them in to confidence. He has asked the Governor to take the people of Kargil into confidence otherwise it may get boom ranged into a major regional conflict.
PDF Chairman said likewise there are some other areas of the state including Chenab valley, Peerpanchal, Maraaz and Kamaaj where people have been demanding separate divisions and Hill Development Councils since long for equitable distribution of funds and development projects in their respective areas. He has stressed the need to ensure equal opportunities of development and economic prosperity to all the areas of the state without political considerations.
Hakeem Yaseen has said previous governments too have committed Himalayan blunders while creating new administrative units in the state merely on political considerations which did not become functional till now except giving rise to anomalies and discrimination. He has demanded constitution of a fact finding commission headed by a sitting High Court judge which should submit its comprehensive report about creation of new administrative units in all genuine areas which have been left out overtly or covertly so that grievances of the people in this regard are redressed. He has also suggested to re- examine the reports of Khurshid Ganai and Mushtaq Ganai commissions about creation of new administrative units in various areas of the state adding that the comprehensive exercise done by these commissions was never considered by the previous governments. “It was most unfortunate that the common people of the state have been always been made victim of political vendetta due to which they have totally lost trust and faith on the system of justice,” Hakeem Yaseen observed while appealing the Governor S P Malik to try to meet the urges and aspirations of the people without any bias and political considerations. “Otherwise the sense of alienation among the people will continue to increase which was totally against the national interests. (KNS)