New Delhi aiming for trifurcation of J&K: Er Rasheed

New Delhi aiming for trifurcation of J&K: Er Rasheed
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Srinagar, Feb 8: Reacting to the decision of Jammu and Kashmir government to grant division status to Ladakh, former MLA and AIP President Er. Rasheed on Friday accused New Delhi of creating a wedge, distrust and disparity between various regions.
In a statement, the former legislator from north Kashmir’s Langate said: “Nobody is against creating separate division for Ladakh region but the government must come clean why it ignored people of Pir Panchal and Chenab regions who deserved not only separate divisions but much more and have been deprived from their genuine rights in every field.
“One has a right to ask government if it sincerely cares for the equitable development of the state why was not Hill Development Council created for Pir Panchal and Chenab Valley regions and what was the urgency to grant divisional status to Ladakh region without taking into care the aspirations and rights of people of Chenab Valley and Pir Panchal regions,” he said.
Rasheed said the union government “seems busy in implementing its ill intended designs and one must not be surprised if New Delhi in near future declares Ladakh a Union Territory, so that its designs to trifurcate the state are fulfilled, just to weaken the people’s resistance seeking resolution to Kashmir dispute and change various equations.”