Building castles in air

Building castles in air
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Former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir and National Conference vice-president Omar Abdullah has taken his political opponents head on for mocking his promise to do away with the Public Safety Act if NC is voted to power.
A few days before Omar while addressing NC workers in Srinagar had said that if NC forms the government on its own the first thing it would do is that it would scrap the PSA. However, his opponents ridiculed his claim stating that PSA is the creation of National Conference.
After listening to his opponents, Omar has hit out at them and has described them as anti-people. He has accused them of politicizing his statement. If any government in J&K succeeds in doing away with PSA, people would welcome the move. If Omar wants to try it out there is no harm in it. But the point is would he be able to do it? When Omar ruled the state from 2009 to 2014 he made all the possible attempts to get the Armed Forces Special Powers Act repealed. He knocked at every door in New Delhi and pleaded that it should be revoked from the areas which are militancy free but his efforts did not yield any result. Prior to 2008 assembly elections NC had said that if it comes into power it would ensure that AFSPA is revoked during its tenure but it did not happen. AFSPA is a central law and it needed the nod of union home ministry, defence ministry and the army but PSA is a state law and it can be revoked if the political dispensation really wants to do away it. Omar has made a promise but he cannot fulfill his pledge till fresh assembly elections are held and his party emerges as a winner. So there are many ifs and buts still. For time being NC and its opponents are building castles in air..