Govt promotes Jr KAS officers in violation of Supreme Court Judgment

Srinagar, Feb 6: Government has promoted 40 Jr. KAS officers in violation of Supreme Court Judgment and also of its own order No.107-GAD of 2002 dated 16.01.2002 wherein it was ensured that no quota be diverted one source of appointment to another and wherever it has been diverted the same should be restored to such source in future. The Government has to maintain and notify complete record about the cadre strength of each category of posts in different services as also of the number of in position officers from different sources of appointment in each category. This would enable the department to ensure that while working out vacancies in any category of post of each quota, the sources of appointment of retirees are taken into account. The quota for various sources of appointment are usually prescribed under rules as percentage of the total strength of posts available in that category and not just of the vacancies that may be currently available. Therefore, it is necessary that the Government carefully monitored the number of in position officers from different sources of appointment in each category of posts where two or more sources of appointment have been prescribed.
The GAD has to notify the vacant slots of each department in proportion to their share out of the total cadre strength for which the budgetary provisions and will kept in that particular year of that department and not just out of the old cadre strength which the Government is duty bound to update every year on its own and not on the begging request of the employees. Instead of notify these slots the GAD has merely called the details of the feeding service members along with their APRs and integrity who are in substantial grade after 2008.
There are already many litigations in the different Courts of Law due to this anomaly. Unrest is simmering in the promoted officers of various feeding services and today the non-gazetted officers of the secretariat have gone on completed strike and employees of the various other field departments are also likely to go on strike soon if their just cause is not redressed to in time.
Already a high powered Government Committee and employees grievances redressal committee has been constituted by the government which is headed by the Advisor to the Governor.
These promotions have been made without the disposal of various representations to these committees. If soon, the redressal is not made in the light of Government’s own Rules, Orders and Commitments, the simmering unrest amongst the employees may lead to breakdown of official machinery and public will suffer for no fault of theirs. (KNS)